MOO Business Cards - A Photographer's Review

December 2018

Despite being in the digital age, business cards are still one of the most effective marketing tools that you can have at your disposal. They present your information quickly and conveniently, they deliver an immediate impression about your art style, and perhaps most importantly, they allow your clients to physically interact with your work instead of staring at it through a cold screen. 

As a photography business owner I can attest to just how effective great business cards can be, and after years of ordering them and watching my client's reactions, I can say without a doubt that's luxe cards have been the best that I have ever ordered. 

First Impressions

How do they Look?

Great contrast, rich colors

How do they Feel?

Not only do these cards look great but they feel great, and in my opinion that's incredibly big deal. 

touch, not flimsy, durable

The sensation of "quality" is communicated in more than one way. 

It makes your card stand out and have a enjoyable sensation associated with it. It 

You can feel the quality

Your business card is a gateway to those other senses 

we are designed to touch and feel things. use it to your advantage

If money is tight and you can't buy these cards too often, then save them for only your most important potential clients.