MOO Business Cards - A Photographer's Review

May 2021

When it comes to buying business cards, we photographers can be quite the picky bunch. After all, it's our job to obsess about quality, and if a card doesn't match our high standards then it never really feels satisfying to hand it out to others. 

Over the years I've tried many different card printing services with varying degrees of success. Some cards have come back too thin or felt too cheap, some have had inaccurate bleed zones, and others have committed the ultimate offense and had poor image quality. The constant failures drove me on a mission to find the best business cards possible, and thanks to a recommendation from my friend and fellow photographer Carl Costas, I finally found that fulfillment with

It's hard to discover a product that not only meets your expectations, but completely surpasses them, and thanks to such a wonderful experience with Moo I will now stand on my soapbox (free of charge) and share my praises with anyone who feels like listening.

Making My Order

Since Moo came so highly recommended, I decided to go all in and purchase their luxe business cards. These are the best cards they have to offer and feature what they call "archival-quality Mohawk Superfine" paper. Let me warn you in advance though, they aren't cheap. One box of 200 cards is $140 (not including the $10 shipping) and that's considerably higher than most competitors.

When going through their website there was an option to design my cards with their own pre-rendered templates, however with Photoshop just an arms reach away I decided to create my own instead. I inserted my logo on one side of the card and then placed my own photos (set at Adobe1998 and 300 DPI) on the other. I also turned off the "image enhance option" since my photos were already fully edited and I was paranoid about what an auto edit software would do to them.

One feature that I found interesting while designing my card was that since MOO is based in London they have two standard sizes you can choose from. In the US the standard business card size is 3.5" x 2.0" while in the UK the size is 3.3" x 2.16". I played around with both and actually ended up choosing the UK version because first, it would give more vertical space for my photos, and second, it would be an opportunity to make them different and stand out from the crowd.

Moo offers their cards in both UK and US standard sizes, and although the UK size is vertically taller than the US one, it still fits comfortably within most wallets. 

First Impressions

About a week and a half after creating my cards I received my order in the mail and the first thing that caught my eye was the impressive packaging. Instead of using a bland brown cardboard box (which can often be accompanied with paper shavings) Moo placed my cards inside a nice, presentable white box that could be reused as a card holder. It also had a ribbon with a wax seal over the top and some motivational quotes written inside the lid, and although these extra little garnishes weren't something necessarily important to me, they were gestures of quality and care that I could appreciate.

The real show began though when I took out the cards and touched them for the first time. As soon as I picked one up I could instantly feel that they were thick yet pleasantly soft, and after examining the sides I also noticed that the paper was a composite made from three layers of smaller sheets molded together. This gave the card better grip, made it more durable, and  also strengthened the edges so that they wouldn't easily fray. 

Next I examined the image quality, which when judged by my photographer's eye, easily passed the test. Despite being printed into a matte finish (which can sometimes absorb ink and cause line edges to bleed) and being scaled down to the tiny dimensions of a business card, the images were still crisp and had excellent sharpness and clarity. I was also happy to see that my usual editing style with darker blacks and rich saturation were left unharmed. The shadows were deep with contrast with very little gray tones, and the colors were concentrated and true. 

These cards were a significant step up from all the other brands that I had tried in the past and just by the first impressions alone I could tell that my money was well spent. If there's one small criticism I could give them it's that the default texture for the luxe cards can add some unwanted glare to the images, however that's only noticeable when the card is held at unusual angles and can easily be removed in Moo's card generator settings.

What my Clients Think

As soon as I had the opportunity to hand out my cards I received a ton of positive feedback. Nearly everyone pointed out the card's superior feel and thickness and I would also often hear the the words "professional" and "quality" being used to describe them. Most people would stare at them for a long time, turn them around, and run their fingers over the surface multiple times. Frankly, the response was like night and day and it was obvious that these cards were making an impact. 

The cards also got a lot of attention thanks to an excellent design and handling method that I learned from the same friend who got me to try Moo, Carl Costas. Instead of only having a single repeating photo printed across the backs of all my cards, I made multiple designs with different images so that each one would be unique. Then, as I handed out the cards I would spread them out picture-side up and let my customers choose their favorites. This was a far more fun and engaging way for people to receive a card than just handing it to them. I also had the images take up the entire side of the card so they could be kept and enjoyed as a free personal art print. 


Despite us now living in a digital universe, in-person meetings are still requested all the time and are an essential part of operating a happy, successful business. Case and point, even as I write this blog I have a first-time in-person meeting with a magazine's editorial staff tomorrow and another meeting with a record label next week.

When you meet new people the reality is that you'll only have a few minutes to convince them that you're great and they should hire you. You only get one chance, and you need to wow them with a presentation that thoroughly impresses them even down to the smallest details like a business card.

If you're interested in Moo but are concerned about dropping a bunch of cash on their Luxe cards right away, then start by ordering one of their sample packs and experiencing the quality for yourself. You can also go the route of buying a smaller pack of Luxe cards and saving them for your most important potential clients. 

I promise you won't regret making the final jump to Moo when the time comes. Their cards are unparalleled with supremely satisfying card stock, beautifully potent print quality, and stellar customer service. When you hand out their cards to your customers you'll no longer feel like you're giving them Top Ramen. You'll be serving them filet mignon.

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